Welcome to ThermalShell Inc.

Welcome to ThermalShell Inc.

Green Energy Efficient Buildings

New Generation Precast 8" Wall Panels Outperform Competition

Up to 4 times lighter and 4 times higher R-Value Patented Technology

ThermalShell offers ingenious polyurethane super-insulation's (35+ R-values) synergizing optimal structural integrity of finished steel with our proprietary, decorative concrete facade. 


Advanced Engineering & Materials:

Advanced Engineering & Materials:
  • Advanced Optimization Engineering
  • Advanced Proprietary Concrete Formulation
  • Advanced Polyurethane Insulation

We offer integration and optimization of superior compression concrete properties with exceptional tensile steel properties, superior insulation, and adhesive properties of polyurethane. It results in, advanced hybrid panels that provide energy savings from 60% to 85% or more.



Benefits for Building Owners:

ThermalShell Wall systems give better comfort at same temperature settings

  • Improved thermal uniformity
  • Minimal localized adverse temperatures
  • Significantly lower heating/cooling energy cost
  • Smaller size heating & A/C equipment
  • No local/thermal-bridging cold-spots
  • No condensation problems associated with cold-spots
  • Structurally strong and safe building
  • Reduction in outside noise pollution
  • Storm resistant and fire resistant
  • Mold/mildew/rot resistant & vermin & termite resistant

Benefits for Architects & Builders:

ThermalShell Wall Systems are suitable for residential, commercial, industrial/warehouse buildings providing your clients with

  • Unlimited design flexibility
  • Sustainable design architecture
  • Integrated Green building principles
  • Unlimited architectural exterior wall finishes
  • Finished interior wall
  • Pre-engineered project design
  • Pre-manufactured panels arrive ready to set
  • Faster construction time
  • Smaller work crews


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