ThermalShell Technologies, Inc.
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From Concepts to "Green Building Reality"...Towards "Zero Energy Buildings"


Advanced Concrete


ThermalShell Technologies uses a proprietary concrete formulation based on Calcium Aluminite cement.  Our special mixture and chemical additives produce  concrete with a much faster setting time, higher early strength, and stable lifetime strength.  The resulting concrete is superior to ordinary Portland cement in many ways, and its light color makes it more versatile for pigmenting or painting.  Thermalshell holds worldwide exclusive rights to this special concrete formulation.


Advanced Insulation


The key to energy efficiency is proper insulation.  ThermalShell exclusively uses Dow Chemical Co. UL 94HF-1 approved fire-rated two component polyurethane foam to insulate every panel.  Unlike other insulation materials, polyurethane resists moisture absorption and will not deteriorate or settle over time.

Advanced Engineering 


ThermalShell panels provide superior strength by using the natural advantages of each building material.  In the typical installation the concrete exterior provides high compressive strength under heavy loads while the steel interior is simultaneously being put into tension where its strength is the highest.  In addition, the panel design transfers fewer stresses to the structural steel which increases the longetivity of all the panel connections.