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Insulated Concrete/Steel Panels


ThermalShell Concrete/Steel Panels are four times more insulated and four times lighter than any other pre-cast wall panel.  We can cast almost any pattern (or use real brick) on the exterior concrete surface of our panel.  The interior surface is a high rib steel sheet which provides pre-formed studs, easier maintenance, and a brighter interior.  Each panel uses our superior concrete mixture and is filled with at least 4" of polyurethane insulation.



Insulated Steel/Steel Panels


Steel/steel panels are employed in the ThermalShell roof system.  Each panel consists of two high rib steel sheets with at least 3.5" of polyurethane insulation.  The ThermalShell roof system is more rigid (requiring 1/2 the normal amount of joists) and is simpler to install than competing roof systems.  Once installed the roof has no exterior mechanical penetrations and is protected against leaks by our unique triple seal system.

ThermalShell steel sandwich panels can also be used in wall applications when the building code permits and the added strength of concrete is unnecessary.



Full Concrete Spandrel Panels


ThermalShell spandrel panels are made from top of the line lightweight concrete and provide excellent strength for use as architectural pre-cast, security fences, and sound  barriers.  Each panel includes embedded lifting points and mounting inserts.  Just like our Concrete/Steel Panels we can produce any number of patterns and colors to meet your needs.