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From Concepts to "Green Building Reality"...Towards "Zero Energy Buildings"




Sept 01, 2009: ThermalShell, Inc. is featured in Concrete Magazine. The article highlights a recent visit with U.S. Congressman Bill Foster (D-IL, 14th District), who enthusiastically agreed to endorse ThermalShell, Inc. and its products. To view the online article click here, or to download a copy of the print click here (pdf or jpg).

May 05, 2009: Professor Kostic endorses ThermalShel energy efficient wall/roof panels in his open letter "Promoting Energy Conservation Activities for Public Benefits" addressed to "Local, State, and National Government Officials and Decision Makers - Community Activist & Leaders, and Business Administrators, and TO Whomever Is Concerned About Energy & Environment."

April 09, 2009: Department of Energy and Commercial Real Estate Executives Launch Alliance to Reduce Energy Consumption of Buildings ... [more] ...

"Reducing the energy/carbon footprint of the nation's buildings sector is essential for tackling climate change and will be an enormous challenge. Buildings account for 43% of U.S. carbon emissions and the consumption of 39% of total primary energy, 71% electricity, and 55% natural gas. The importance of buildings is amplified because renewable energy applications such as photovoltaic energy generation, daylighting, solar water heating, and geothermal (ground-source) space conditioning and water heating are most economical when using buildings as their deployment platforms" ... [more from Building Technologies Research and Integration Center]