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From Concepts to "Green Building Reality"...Towards "Zero Energy Buildings"


Cambridge Lakes Community Center


Location: Pinegree Grove, IL
Size: 42,000 Sq.ft.

Features: Indoor gymnasium, fitness area, classrooms, meeting rooms, outdoor sporting fields, and water park.



The Grill House Restaurant and Banquet Hall 


Location: Alegan, MI
Size: 12,000 Sq.ft.

Features: Large restaurant, expandable banquet area, unique "wood panel" barn-look.



TAILS Humane Society 


Location: DeKalb, IL
Size: 7,500 Sq.ft.

Features: State of the art animal shelter and office space. The concrete panels feature a custom pattern of cats and dogs playing.



Colonial Coach Lines 


Location: Mt. Prospect, IL
Size: 7,500 Sq.ft.

Features: State of the art maintenace facility and office space. The front face of the building is a brick pattern and custom color match.



Calvary Temple Church


Location: Naperville, IL
Size: 12,800 Sq.ft.

Features: Energy efficient maintenance garage with radiant heat floor.  The entire building has a specialty oversized brick pattern and painted to match the existing church. 



Lazar Brother's Trucking


Location: Gilberts, IL
Size: 3,600 Sq.ft.

Features: Energy efficient maintenance garage and office space.  The project called for large 14 foot garage doors and second story windows. 




Virginia Commonwealth University


Location: Richmond, VA

Features: Full concrete panels with custom pattern and color matching.  The spandrel panels were shipped directly from our Sycamore plant pre-painted.