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From Concepts to "Green Building Reality"...Towards "Zero Energy Buildings"


Advanced Engineering & Materials for Green Energy Efficient Buildings


New Generation Precast 8" Wall Panels Outperform Competitions:
Up to 4 times lighter and 4 times higher R-Value

Ingenious synergy of polyurethane super-insulations (35+ R-values) with optimal structural integrity of finished steel and proprietary, decorative concrete facade. The overall-best wall and roof panel:

  • Advanced Optimization Engineering
  • Advanced Proprietary Concrete
  • Advanced Polyurethane Insulation

Intergration and optimization of superior compression concrete properties with exceptional tensile steel properties, and superior insulation and adhesive properties of polyurethane, results in advanced hybrid panels that provide energy savings from 60% to 85% or more ... [brief PDF presentation] or [products]

Advantages for All


Advantages for Building Owners:

  • Substantially lower heating/cooling energy cost
  • Require smaller size heating & A/C equipment resulting in additional cost saving ... [more]


Advantages for Architects & Builders:

  • Unlimited design flexibility
  • Compliments sustainable design architecture
  • Incorporates green building principles
  • Unlimited wall finish options ... [more]